My mini gangster

   Dear Mom and Dad,

     Thank you for leaving your dog with us for 10 days while you trekked back to the frozen tundra. Seriously, I mean it. having a practice dog for ten days seems to have cured Sassy of her desperate desire for a puppy. It might have been mommy’s ‘I do not pick up the fecal matter of animals i do mot want” rule or the way sparky stole the very last cheetoh off of her plate last night that tipped the scale in my favor, but whatever works.

    Also, it was very sweet to see how excited she was to be paid for caring for the pup. however, Sassy is smart and creative and she just asked to be paid to make her bed. Uh, how about no? i responded with my bill  for the amount of slave labor I do around here. She was not amused. We ironed out the differences between chores that are expected every day, and special jobs that are billable. Problem solved, right? 

   i was just patting myself in the ego at my extraordinary parenting win, when I sneezed. Sassy handed me a kleenex. I said thank you, she said “That’ll be $5.00, please.” Houston, we have a problem. I have given birth to a very polite but expensive extortionist. Al Capone would be proud. 

  In other news, they have delayed our house  closing for another two weeks. King Pushover is ready to explode and I am ready to move to Abu Dhabi. I think I am going to need more chocolate!



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