A dear John letter

Dear Google: (the semi colon lets you know that I am serious)

Let us get something straight. When I Google brownie recipes, i do not now, nor will I ever “really mean brownie protein balls.” the fact that you would even consider that as a viable suggestion leads me to question if you ever knew me at all. I am truly hurt by this as what it really means is that you like everyone else in this house, pay absolutely no attention to me at all.

I am already on the verge with you, because when Sassy asked me why Ben Franklin wore a coonskin cap, you made me wade through 9 pages of foderol about IF he wore one before noon. We have already discussed my need for concise answers before my first cup of coffee, preferably ones that require no debate.

Further, a girl who has just spent a week schlepping around Disney for a week in the middle of August has clearly lost her ever loving mind, and having to debate the subtle differences between fudge cake and fudge brownies will   probably cause her to lose her tenuous grip on sanity. Add in a  five year old who now has decided that she must be Mary Poppins for Halloween(did i mention that I am a knitter, not a seamstress) and you can see why chocolate brownies are going to be a major part of my coping strategy today???/







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