Ground Control to Major Tom

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits. – Probably misquoted from some unknown person most likely the long suffering spouse of an engineer.

     I am a simple person whose dreams are pretty basic. I want to take over the world (I would be a benevolent dictator) I want a washing machine that collects, sorts, washes, folds, and puts away laundry. The deluxe model would also somehow prevent the other inhabitants of my house dropping the laundry in front of the basket instead of in it. I would also like the assurance that the ATF won’t show up on my doorstep looking for king pushover, again. The first wish is probably far more likely to be fulfilled.

     King has two dreams as well. They are to design and implement the perfect barrel for going over Niagara Falls, and to get a recurring role on Mythbusters preferably as Buster. In so far as the world domination thing goes, These can be handy traits in a minion. However, it is a nightmare in regards to friendly neighbor relations. I mean, who doesn’t love a neighbor whose goal is to build bonfires that can be seen from Venus?

    Today’s dilemma is how to keep my darling hubby from aiding and abetting Sassy in her lifelong quest to fly. she’s just like him only she’s dressed in a pink sparkly princess dress. I have to keep a careful watch over the pair of them, while he is “teaching science” because today’s lesson appears to be how to build a working hovercraft. 

     When your daddy likes to build rockets, blow stuff up, and has a working machine shop in his garage, your mommy has to be extra vigilant. Conversations generally run along the lines of “If you cannot reproduce it yourself, you are not allowed to break it!” I generally pay Sassy in cookies to blow him in if he gets any “Really Great Ideas!’ The problem is that she thinks like him now so I am completely surrounded.

     We are buying a new house and the two of them have their heads together to build the ultimate tree house. It seems to have slides that extend from the roof of the tree house, down to the roof of MY house and then over to the ground. I also believe there are water cannons that appear to be powered by fire hydrants. I’m hoping that i am misreading the blueprints, but, I see the signs of a giant trampoline and trapeze swing. looks like the king and I are going to have to have another “talk” Sigh….


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